Sniper Rotations

For a Imperial Agent Sniper to do high damage they should know what skills to use and when.

Below I list rotations that should help you increase your PVE DPS. Please contact me if there is something you want to add or if the information I am listed is not accurate :)

Sniper DPS Rotations

Sniper Marksman

ship Rotation:Always remember to keep your energy high to maximize dps, the lower your energy gets the lower the energy regeneration is. You will want to p thread in Rifle Shot into your rotations, as this ability costs 0 energy. At the end of a fight your energy is not as much of an issue as having lots of energy when the boss is dead does you little good most fights, so don't get over conservitive with your energy at the end of a fight as this will lower your dps. You can also use adrenaline probe to regenerate some energy, the cooldown is 60 seconds and can be kept if you make errors with your enengy, to increase your dps, or for burn phases of boss fights.

Priority Of Abilities:

Most boss fights I suggest you start with:  Corrosive Dart, Orbital Strike and Shatter Shot

Rifle Shot - whenever your energy is not optimum (above 60).

Explosive Probe - Whenever available.

Followthrough - Whenever available.

Series of Shots - Whenever available.

Ambush - if Reactive Shot is active

Snipe - on first and second stacks of Sniper Volley

Series of Shots - On third stack of Sniper Volley


Takedown - if the boss is below 30% health use this whenever the cooldown is not down, 12 second cooldown.


Also remember to use defensive cooldowns if you pull agro or need to mitigate some damage on yourself or the tank.


Sniper Engineering Rotation:

This type of sniper is highly dependant on DoTs and has some good defensive abilities. This tree has better single target damage the marksmanship tree.

Most fights you will want to start with Shatter Shot and then putting all your dots on your target. Priority is to always keep your dots on the target and to manage your energy levels. Use Rifle Shot as a means of regenerating heat, do not cast something else if it will take you below 60 energy use Rifle Shot instead. When your dots are on target and Shatter Shot debuff is active then use:

Plasma Probe, Orbital Strike, Explosive Probe and Series of Shots when cooldowns and energy management permit.


Sniper Lethality Rotation:

PVE - High manuverability but seen as being the lowest dps for PVE.

Keep your DoTs up (Corrosive Dart and Corrosive Grenade)
Use Cull and Orbital Strike when available as long as it will not take you below 60 energy, if it does use Rifle Shot instead until energy is available.


PVP - Letality Rotation - See above

Both builds make sure you are making use of your defensive cooldowns and

Sniper Stats

The gear equiptment has and the mods you can add should focus on the stats that will help your class. Here is currently the stats that are helpfull for snipers.

Cunning > Accuracy (to soft cap of 329) > Power = Crit > Surge > Alacrity

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